COWINS Issues Demand to Bargain

 Colorado is facing an enormous $6.8 billion budget shortfall, and as the experts at our jobs, we are ready to help identify areas for cuts that won’t hurt state employees or the vital services they provide. That’s why Colorado WINS issued an official Demand to Bargain letter to the state of Colorado on July 9th. This letter asserts our right to negotiate with the state over how the mandated 5% budget cuts will take place. This is what we have been fighting for — finally, state employees will have a voice at the table where important decisions happen that directly impact our work.  

Yesterday CBS 4 exposed enormous pay raises that state agencies gave their top executives – who already make six-figure salaries. This happened just as they took away the pay raises promised to state workers.

Do you think it’s fair to hand out huge raises for management while asking frontline workers to take a pay cut this year to protect Colorado’s budget?

Public employees like you and me are still on the ground protecting our communities from a global pandemic. We are putting ourselves and our families at risk to keep our state open and safe for our communities. Raising the salaries of high paid senior management does not recognize the important work we do during this pandemic nor does this ensure that our communities get vital public services they deserve.

Now more than ever we must come together so we can hold management accountable for hiding records that it took the press to dig up. A union like ours ensures transparency that it is clear our state needs.